Poderosa Aventura Al Centro de tu Ser

It is an invitation to immerse yourself to reconnect with your inner child, to awaken your consciousness to revive your senses and elevate your spirit, to lose the fear of finding yourself while you get lost on the way to reach your own truth.

My book offers you a very practical manual of tips to create a chain reaction, to reinvent yourself, so that you believe in your abilities again, that you love yourself, that you sing, dance that you write, even if you do not have a reason you can invent it to create your story and give a position to your existence through the divine messages that the universe sends you.

This work is a hymn to life, a sublime experience of your soul, so that you wake up from the mirage of everyday life.

If you read it carefully, you will have in your hands the keys that will take you to the heaven of your purest divinity, which takes you away from the suffering of the ego and gives you the opportunity to evolve and grow.

In addition to a channel of reconection with your divine source, it becomes a spokesperson that reminds you of your true essence so that you can immerse yourself in a sea of eternal possibilities, recognizing your greatness, subtlety and ancestral wisdom that lay asleep inside you.

Powerful adventure to the center of your being, it will change your life as mine has changed, since it will clothe you with serenity and joy so that you remember who you really are, healing from the root of your inner child so that you have in your life juicier and stronger fruits and you can return to your divine natural state that gives you the serenity, security of this here and this now, in Peace with yourself, your environment, shaking you from your old beliefs claiming your happiness as a unique and universal right in this three-dimensional plane and you can continue your path shining with its own light for all eternity.