Born under A Lucky Star

Take a ride into the mind and heart of a nine-year-old boy who was born medically frail. Emmitt Thomas, “ET” Rhodes’ is embarrassed when people glare and point at him like he was an alien creature. It wasn’t his fault that his head was permanently tilted to the left side of his body, and his smile was off-center to the right side. His appearance made him feel different, like an error. A misfit.

ET doesn’t want to be the best. He just wants to fit in with the rest. He didn’t dream of more than what he needed, but he did need something more than he had. If God is incapable of making errors but then, why was he created so flawed?

Through the book, we follow the story of ET. When a mighty blizzard hits Emmitt’s hometown on Christmas Eve, it leaves him stranded in the emergency room, away from his Christmas tree, his parents, and Jackson C. Pepperweather, his dog. Forced to spend Christmas Eve night with his bratty brother, Billy, his winsome girlfriend, Spanky, and his wise and loving Grandpa, this quiet time allows Emmitt to pray to his guiding light. His wish? Sleigh down an icy hill called Death Mountain. The problem is that ET can’t walk! But he knows how to pray, and his prayers are heard by Hans Orion, a divine attendant who offers him hope for a better tomorrow. The wisdom and insight that permeates through this beautiful story invite readers to see how God brings joy, happiness, and purpose into life.

If you enjoyed Wonder by R.J. Palacio, you will enjoy this national book award winner.



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