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Long Island Authors is here to help complete the whole literary journey by bringing local author’s books directly into the hands of readers.

In our oversized world, book stores — both brick and mortar types and jumbo internet sites — can bring the widest possible audience to the books on their shelves. Authors from everywhere all working to make their corner of such a gigantic universe be known to their readers. Authors wanting to know exactly who their readers are and how they can make their reading experience better. How can authors even get their fair chance to be noticed in such a large ocean of writers?

Long Island Authors is a home-grown idea, from national speaker and author Ron Villano, designed to bring attention to the fantastic talent right here at home directly into the hands of readers by bringing these two communities together. For readers — a site which lists great self-published books with the opportunity to meet the author and ask those burning questions. For authors — a way to get their books and events directly into the hands of their readers and fans.

Right here on Long Island, we cherish our local towns and communities. If you want the opportunity to shop and support local efforts of all bookish kinds, then you have found your place here at Long Island Authors. Enjoy a refreshing new way to entertain and enjoy your inner literary journey!

Ron Villano, M.S., LMHC, ASAC, CCH

Author: The Zing

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Ron Villano has degrees in mental health, psychology, alcohol and substance abuse counseling, and hypnotherapy and is the Owner and Director of Family & Personal Counseling. He is also a bereaved father who knows how to speak from the heart. As a national media celebrity Ron entertains and delivers the perfect life-changing message. His life-changing book, The Zing, brings all his personal and professional life experiences together to deliver a powerful, life changing message.

“If my message reaches at least one person, I have accomplished my goal.”

After self-publishing his book, The Zing, Ron began tireless efforts to get his life-changing book in everyone’s hands. From book signings to street fairs, Ron pounded the pavement and promoted The Zing at every opportunity. The process required a large team of administrators, marketers and electronic artists and designers — far more resources than the average self-published author would normally have.

He created Long Island Authors to help fulfill the dream of publishing. By joining together it will allow self-published authors to create a powerful internet and social media presence, avoid cost share selling expenses, and have the ultimate ability to directly reach their readers.

Judy D. Sherman, B.S., CHt.

Chief Operations Officer
General Manager

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Judy Sherman began working with Ron when he had a manuscript and was in need of an editor. She has stayed on for almost two decades to head up all operations of Ron Villano enterprises, including The Zing.com, Family & Personal Counseling (Long Island’s largest single owned private practice), Hypnosis of Long Island, and now the operations and management of Long Island Authors. Judy brings to Long Island Authors a full career of experience in both print production management and corporate operations. This Long Island native has worked with publishing houses across the country and is an expert wordsmith.

Juliet Weschke

Marketing Manager

Juliet is a dedicated psychology student at Hunter College in NYC, and a current marketing manager at Family and Personal Counseling. As the President of the Psychology Club at Hunter College, Juliet takes the lead in networking, and event hosting. Her literary experience surfaced early on when she received first place in the Helen Shack Stein picture book contest at Emma S Clark Library during her high school years. Now, as a valuable member of the Long Island Authors’ team, Juliet seamlessly blends her love for literature with her commitment to nurturing literary aspirations.