Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you sell my book?

We do not, but this is where the power actually shifts into YOUR hands. Long Island Authors gives you a way for you to sell direct to your reader by handling the entire sale — giving you the ability to finally know exactly WHO your audience is, sell to them and keep 100% of your profits.

What makes you distinctive in such a large community of authors?

We can provide you with your own website presence — from book listing, to author biography, to eCommerce sales — for a fraction of doing it on your own. And by gathering a large community and offering YOU the ability to be seen with others, we create a stronger web presence together than being on your own.

How am I not free to publish now?

When determining what the cost of your book will be, you have to take into account not only the cost of printing of the book, but the costs related to marketing, fulfillment, commission and those other “publishing” costs charged. With Long Island Authors, once you print your book, you are free to sell it directly — avoiding a large amount of those out the door fees.

What if I don’t see my genre listed?

If your genre isn’t listed, you can specify it in the “other” genre field. Choose genres that most closely represent your book.  You can also choose multiple genres or categories.

How long will it take for my author profile to be on the site?

Your full profile will be live in about 1 – 3 business days after all items have been received, content is reviewed, and membership subscription and any additional fees have been processed.  Once your profile is live, watch your email for details on how you can access and change your biographical and general contact information.

But I already have books being fulfilled by Amazon. How would your site work to help me?

Long Island Authors will help you be in direct contact with those who want your book. Place a small order with Amazon for your book, keep them on hand, and have your new reader contact you through your eCommerce store or direct by email.

How will you find new readers?

Long Island Authors will be actively spreading the word through a wide range of social media campaigns, local digital display advertising, traditional print advertising, street fairs and other events, along with creating events of our own. If you know of a place we should be… let us know!

Can you help me find places to host book signings?

That’s exactly what we hope our community will promote! A way to host events of OUR members in places looking for that type of crowd — bookstores, coffee shops, and other book friendly places. Any way that we can help YOU reach your readers directly.

How can I collect payment when I don't have an eCommerce site?

If you are choosing to have readers contact you by email, you can make direct payment arrangements with them for check, money order, or direct pay through places like Pay Pal, Venmo, or Zelle. And there are simple eCommerce sites available though places like Shopify which can make the task very simple.

I'm really not tech savvy.

Can I just sell my books without an eCommerce store? YES! If someone selects the BUY NOW option on your page, they will be taken to a place where they can send an email to you directly. You will be able to work with them and make payment and shipping arrangements right on the spot.

Can you print my next book?

At this time, we are here to complete your literary journey by helping you get your book directly into the hands of readers. As we continue to grow and evolve into a great and large single author community, we hope to attract the vendors you need to get your next book off the ground.

I just published my next book! How do I add it to the bookshelf?

Great News and Congratulations!! It’s easy to add another book. Just send us an email at and we’ll be in touch to let you know how to get it done.

Oops! I made an error in my uploading or I see a typo on my live profile. How do I fix that?

No worries! Just email us at let us know what the issue is and we’ll fix it or reach out to you. Simple!

If I stop my membership, can I rejoin?

Should you need to stop your time here at Long Island Authors, just let us know before the end of your billing cycle to avoid a new charge, and we can place your listing on hold until you return. No refunds of fees already paid and a return set up fee may apply.

I need some help with uploading my photos -- what tips can you share?

Your headshot will need to be in one of the accepted formats: jpg, jpeg, pdf, png, heic, with a maximum file size of 10 MB. If it’s in a different format, try converting it using an online conversion tool or take a screenshot or even a simple camera picture and use that photo to upload.   If you are still having trouble, please email us at and we’ll be happy to help.

Can I update my headshot or book images?

Yes!  You can update any of your uploaded images at anytime.   The cost for updates is $35 per image change.   Contact us at to get started on your changes.