The Extraordinary Anna Parke

Beaten down by her mother, her peers, and the age-old notion that magic doesn’t exist, Anna Parke spent the better part of her young life stifling her extraordinary gift. But this time, when it came bubbling up to the surface once again, it couldn’t be quelled.

For as long as she could remember, Anna found comfort and friendship in the trees surrounding her childhood home on Ackerly Lane, nestled deep within the Adirondack region of upstate New York. When she was older, Anna realized how unusual this connection–this bizarre ability to communicate with those arboreal beings–truly was.

After receiving a shocking phone call informing her that her mother had recently passed, Anna is forced to not only confront her mysterious pull towards the trees, but to unravel a painful past entwined within a twisted family legacy. Anna Parke must unpack many secrets, encounter many unusual characters, visit many strange places and overturn many leaves on her extraordinary journey to accept the truth of her birthright.



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