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  • Luca Meets Sonny

  • Starving the Wolf A Victory Over Lupus

  • US Army Combat Engineer Vehicles 1980-Present

  • Undertow: The Rip Current that Drowned mySELF and Saved mySOUL

  • Montauk Has A Very Hungry Shark!

  • A Collection Of Poems: A Journey Through Life

  • A Lesson A Day: A Child’s Way

  • Barney’s Great Escape

  • Why Not Me?

  • Run Away Home: Shattered

  • Squiggle the Tiggle

  • How to Save Your Pet, Yourself, and Your Wallet From Pain and Suffering

  • Deep-sea Creeps: A Field Guide to Terrible Ex-boyfriends (As Sea Creatures)

  • Open to Love; The Secrets of Senior Dating

  • Act Naturally: The Beatles on Film

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