Nanci LaGarenne

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Nanci LaGarenne is proud to be an Indie author, though she searches for an agent and publication every day. She moved to the woods of East Hampton over thirty years ago. Leaving her job as a teaching assistant with Autistic children at PS 236, she continued to raise her sons on the East End, where as a teen she spent summers working in Montauk. She was a waitress and hostess/cashier at The Buttery, an English cafe on Newtown Lane in East Hampton, and was later hired by The Retreat, a domestic violence agency. She was a freelance writer for Dan’s Papers and writes for In 2011 she ran for EH Trustee. When not fighting for groundwater and aquifer protection on the East End of Long Island, she writes full time. Her self-published books are Cheap Fish (2013)and the sequel -the bitter end (2021), both murder mysteries set in Montauk. Refuge (2015) , a novel about women surviving abuse, finding friendship as family and new beginnings, set in Brooklyn and Ireland.

Scape Ghost (2023), is her latest novel based on a true event in 1960’s U.S. history and one man’s unique road to freedom.

She is at work on her next book, set in the California Delta, a tale of two women, descendants of famous female pirates, who find secrets buried in a river town, a long way from home.

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