The Bitter End

Dragger Delray has returned to Montauk. A Salty his whole life, spent on the sea commercial fishing is long over. No one with Montauk in their blood can stay away forever. It’s been six years since Dragger left for Key West, and he’s back. The thing is, Montauk’s changed. And yet in some ways, it’s like he never left. Hometowns never let you forget who you were and his roots go deep. Like with Em, who ran a Mermaid boat/brothel with him. Her new business is Pancakes. Don’t even get Dragger started on what that means these days. And there’s Cian who showed up back in town dredging up a history with more than one Montauk man and a twin sister with a split personality who leaped off a cliff six years ago. Enter Wyatt, a soon to be retired city cop with a desire to chill out in Montauk and find some fun. Until he reads the local headline in The East Hampton Star and discovers the men of Montauk are losing their manhood, which is nicely wrapped in flower gift boxes and left at the scene of each murder. Is the local florist, Mary Sweetbriar, a psycho killer? She is a local legend with a successful sale of vibrators in flower boxes. But is she as innocent as she looks? The Lady Greens who keep the town’s flower boxes blooming and The Thirteen, a group of vegan hippie sage burning dance under the full moon free spirits, are also suspects. And then he comes back to town. Thresher Miller, named for the ferocious shark that ironically killed his father in front of his own eyes as a kid, has returned after his brother Karp, is found dead. Is someone protecting Thresher? Framing him? Are the murders personal? Can a town built more for ocean sunsets, surfing and love, become a hotbed of murder? Stick around and find out who is spelling out MONTAUK in their signature cuttings.



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