The Guardian Temple: Demonic Dealings

What would you do to achieve health and beauty? Would you sell your very soul? Plenty would say “No!” But what if the offer truly came to you? This is a tale of the consequences of such a transaction. A Priest is forced to call forth a demon from the depths of Hell to be captured and interrogated by the Vatican. But upon her summoning, the demoness appears far different than what is expected. This story follows the events from three different points of view.

Father Edward Thomas is an exorcist and Priest who fights to find not just his own salvation, but is presented with the question of whether or not a demon can be redeemed. What forces does God have in place to fight demons on earth? Where are they, and why have they seemingly abandoned us?

Sara Baker is trapped by a deal she made long ago: A once promising medical student who finds that an event she thought was a dream in her childhood was indeed a reality. Now she must do her best to survive the fires of Hell and keep what little humanity she can hold on to… But will those in Hell allow such a thing?

Jason Miller never knew his mother. But when a stunning woman appears at his doorstep claiming to be his long lost mother, Sara Baker, his world begins to unravel around him.
What are the consequences of selling one’s soul, even for the most innocuous of trades? Find out in three tales of woe in the first entry of The Guardian Temple Series



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