Squiggle the Tiggle

Meet Squiggle the Tiggle, a delightful creature from the fantastical Land of Pibnee, as he searches for a friend to giggle and jiggle with! This tale begins with Squiggle ready to explore the world and make new friends, but finding a friend proves to be a challenge. From evading a hungry fish in the shimmering Yellow Bay to escaping the clutches of the fiery Lava Queen, Squiggle’s quest is filled with unexpected twists and enchanting characters.

As Squiggle jiggles through these magical encounters, he not only dodges danger but also discovers friends in the most unlikely forms—from Bubble Dend, the helpful bubble guide, to Mister Cloud, who rescues Squiggle in a moment of need. Each new friend teaches him valuable lessons about trust, courage, and the joys of friendship.

Perfect for young readers, “Squiggle the Tiggle” is a beautifully illustrated story that combines excitement with a heartwarming message about the power of persistence and the unexpected places we find friendship. It’s a tale that encourages children to explore their world, cherish their encounters, and always keep jiggling for joy.



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