My Dent

My Dent: The story of surviving a TBI and facing the challenges of life with my scarred brain. The art of making your mark in your career

In 2012 I became a survivor of a severe traumatic brain injury. While I was hospitalized, the doctors couldn’t definitively tell my family that I would be okay, so my family and boyfriend could only hold onto hope and prayer. With medicine, their love and support I did make a wondrous recovery and came home to rehab. My injuries were in the frontal-temporal portion of my brain. This memoir recounts the difficulty first year of survivorship trying to be grateful for being alive, but compromising with being diagnosed with epilepsy, anosmia, having headaches, the physical changes of my injury and not being able to finish school for another year or drive. With the cognitive behavioral therapy and the continued support of my boyfriend, family, and friends life started to feel more “normal” and less “injured.” This narrative memoir is my first hand account of following my dreams and being able to finishing nursing school, run a marathon, get married, buy a house and become a mother despite having a traumatic brain injury.

When I started writing the The art of making your mark in your career it started as an Op-ed piece, but as I reflected on my own career, I did not think I could constrict the piece to a three minute read. If you’re looking to develop a growth mindset, this book will be for you.



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