Asleep at Last

Children love to play and may be reluctant to stop and take a nap or go to sleep for the night.

Well, rest easy since they will discover in a short, mindful, and age-appropriate tale all about how insects, sea life, birds and animals all love to play (just like them!) and also take time to rest, nap, and sleep!

This gorgeously illustrated bedtime story is a joyful adventure; suitable and engaging for all children from birth-age 7.

Besides kid-friendly text, bright and sweet pictures will capture and enchant even the most restless youngsters or reluctant readers. Caregivers, parents, teachers, and siblings can read this book to a child before naptime or bedtime to promote rest and sleep. This book is perfect anytime to develop a child’s understanding that sleeping is part of the daily routine and that everybody sleeps.

The last page asks the rhetorical question, “Now that all the world is fast asleep, are you asleep at last? Giving you a chance to tuck your little one in with a kiss and the knowledge that they too can go to sleep and not miss out on all the fun because all the world is fast asleep.

Here’s what children will gain:

  • A fun and educational foundation of the alphabet
  • An introduction to insects, sea life, birds, and animals (even a dinosaur!) with age-appropriate vocabulary
  • Exposure to early literacy skills (reading, listening, and grammar)
  • A mindful, socioemotional lesson about rest and sleep
  • A great gift to cultivate a love for reading
  • Vivid illustrations to accommodate visual learners

Here’s what grownups will gain:

A peaceful and easy way to transition your child from playtime to sleeptime!



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