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Thomasina Tissue grew up in Setauket, Long Island. She attended the Three Village Schools and spent her summers riding bikes with friends on the quiet maple-lined streets of Strong’s Neck, riding horses on the trails with Sylvia Strong, and swimming at the various beaches in the area. Captured in her heart at a young age, her stories are woven from a tapestry of a time spent, long ago, in the salty ocean air, walking along beaches, laughing with friends, and mixing her own wild imagination with regular and not-so-regular things that happened to her. And there the stories bided their time, for over forty years. After leaving Long Island, she grew, married, and became a teacher of reading and writing, all the while continuing to feel the longing to write her own stories. When she retired from teaching, her husband asked her if she would like a special gift. She fluttered her eyelashes at him and said, “I’d love a laptop.” Thinking this was a slightly strange request, he asked, “Whatever for?” She responded, “I have stories in me that need to come out!” Three months later she had completed the first draft of Water’s Edge, her first middle-grade fiction work. Water’s Edge was inspired by the original Setalcott people of the Setauket area. It is about a girl named Tanya who finds herself in a race to save an ancient artifact. Tanya must come up with a way to help her friend, and outsmart Checkmate, before her beloved friend Jack loses his home. Be on the look out for this book release coming late 2024.

Her second middle-grade fiction work, Boy Patriot received a Kid’s Choice Kid’s Literature Writing Contest Honorable Mention for 2023. This book takes place on Strong’s Neck and will be released after Water’s Edge. Thomasina is a proud member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and the Long Island Authors Group. Besides writing, Thomasina’s favorite things to do are yoga, travel the world when she can afford it, pretend she is fluent in Spanish and love on her sweet daughter Emma, and husband, Dan, and not all in that order.

Thomasina can be contacted at Water’s Edge coming late 2024.

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