Selin Senol-Akin

Selin SENOL-AKIN is an adjunct language instructor and social activist alongside her creative projects including spoken and published poetry, as well as fiction and academic writing: all having been featured in various events and compilations. Istanbul-born and New York-raised, Selin is the acclaimed author of the chart-topping multi-cultural/romantic suspense novels, ‘The Catalyst’ (a 2022 Readers’ Favorite international award winner in the ‘Paranormal’ category) and ‘The Penance’ (soon to be followed by the last installment of The Catalyst Trilogy, ‘The Nestlings’).

She’s also the author of the four, #1 released books from The Elemental Collection (‘Write Out Your Drops’, ‘Set Free Your Flow’, ‘Earth Up Your Roots’ and ‘Fire Up Your Flight’), consisting of empowering poetry and diverse, twisty short stories and a play, alongside a raw memoir about all the trials and tribulations of growing up torn between two different cultures.


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