Ellen Scaccio

Ellen Scaccio is a wife, mother, business owner, publisher and healer. Ms. Scaccio has always had a burning sense that there was more to her life than what she had been doing, as well as an unmistakable desire to jump headfirst into exploring how to address what she felt was lacking in her life.

Little by little she had started doing more and trying new things to figure out what was the burning desire missing from her life. She learned how to explore more deeply those feelings, get uncomfortable, and nourish that desire to have more. One of the things Ms. Scaccio realized, how satisfying and therapeutic writing is. Ms. Scaccio started a publishing business, Every Day Mindset Publishing, LLC – www.emspublishingllc.com.

Ms. Scaccio now has two businesses she runs, along with still working full time. She has a lot on her plate, but somehow some way, always makes it work. You have to, or you will find yourself in a downward spiral; the farther down you are, the faster it happens. Ms. Scaccio knows, she’s been there and has dug herself out.
Ms. Scaccio has learned to make time for herself a priority. She never used to, but when she realized how that was hurting her family and herself, she started to make the change to do better. Once we know better, we need to implement doing better, which is what she has been doing.

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