Cheryl Williams

Cheryl Williams is a wife, mother, author, and nurse by profession, with a passion for the Arts. Her love for poetry started at the tender age of five when she recited the poem “Grandfather Frog” for a school function. Six years later, her world was turned upside down after her mother suffered a massive stroke. During those uncertain times, music, writing, and poetry helped her cope. As a teenager, whenever she wasn’t caring for her mother, Cheryl spent her free time writing and directing short plays as a form of entertainment for the children in her neighborhood. She enjoyed singing in the church and school choir, while also performing publicly as a soloist in concerts and talent shows. As a result of her mother’s illness and her responsibility to help care for her, Cheryl was inspired to pursue nursing as a way to help others heal; the same way writing and music helped her find a path to healing. Williams is the recipient of the Top Female Author 2019 award in the poetry category. She received this honor for her book A Collection Of Poems: A Journey Through Life published in 2018. In June 2022 she published her first children’s book A Lesson A Day: A Child’s Way. This book appeals to children’s imaginative and playful side. It teaches valuable life lessons with the help of animals and inanimate objects. The book is dedicated to all the beautiful children around the world.

Williams is continuing to make a difference in her community and the world at large with her donations of her books to Libraries, schools and various other organizations. She recently served on a panel of judges for the Walt Whitman Birthplace Association 38th Annual Poetry contest.

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Cheryl Williams Books

  • A Lesson A Day: A Child’s Way

  • A Collection Of Poems: A Journey Through Life

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