The Books of Alexandrea trilogy: The Book Club

Women were always the source of magic. But it’s gone now. All that remains of their magic are symbolic gestures, like when a mother kisses her child’s skinned knee to make it better. But magic didn’t vanish or fade away. Women lost their magic because long ago, one man found a way to steal it. And he taught his followers how to take what was innate to women and write it into books for only men to read and use. This immense collection—millions of books—is hidden away in a secret library. There have always been a few among his followers who tried to put an end to this. They’ve always failed. But they may have finally found a way: Alexandrea Hawthorne, A young woman who cannot even hear the spoken words when people talk about magic. Cursed in this way, oblivious to the existence of magic, no one can warn Alexandrea. Even as she is hunted by both sides, she is completely unaware that she is the key to taking magic back. The Books of Alexandrea trilogy begins with The Book Club.