Starving the Wolf A Victory Over Lupus

Nearly four decades ago, Karen was diagnosed with lupus and given a prognosis of “at best” five to seven years to live. Refusing to accept this fate, she embarked on a relentless quest for healing, dedicating over a decade to research and uncovering the strategies that would allow her to conquer this disease. Today, she celebrates over 25 years of living 100% lupus-free. Starving the Wolf: A Victory Over Lupus embodies her transformative journey, establishing itself as a must-have among self-healing books for women. As an essential lupus book, it delves into lifestyle, nutrition, mindset, spirituality, relationships, and healing your emotional self, offering a comprehensive suite of wellness strategies. By sharing her journey and healing strategies, Karen seeks to ease the suffering and simplify the path to recovery for others, offering support to those confronting the challenges of lupus or other chronic illnesses.

Reclaim Vitality: Seize control, redefine your health narrative, and break free from chronic illness.

Master Emotional Resilience: Learn to navigate and heal your emotional landscape, fortifying your mental well-being.

Embrace Self-Care: Discover the life-changing impact of prioritizing your wellness through tailored self-care practices.

Nutritional Empowerment: Harness the healing potential of nutrition to fuel your body’s fight against chronic illness.

Lifestyle Revolution: Implement transformative lifestyle adjustments that foster vitality and long-term health.

Spiritual Awakening: Connect with your inner strength and spirituality to support your journey to wellness.



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