JH Nadler

Jason was the quiet and weird kid always looking out the window. He was actually drifting in deep space, thrusters damaged, air running low. Preparing for the next hostile alien interrogation when his teacher called on him. He grew up in Commack, Long Island. Its vanished places inspired fictional locations. As an adult, he became a volunteer firefighter, which shocked everyone. Terrified of heights and passing out at the sight of blood, Jason challenged himself to overcome his fears. He became a First Lieutenant, was a certified First Responder, and High Point Award recipient multiple times. He left the service to follow his passion and become a writer. When he’s not writing, he can usually be found at one of the many beautiful wineries on the North Fork of Long Island. He lives on the North Fork with his wife and two insanely co-dependent cats, Coco and CJ, who helped inspire The Books of Alexandrea.


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JH Nadler Books

  • The Books of Alexandrea trilogy: The Library

  • The Books of Alexandrea trilogy: The Between

  • The Books of Alexandrea trilogy: The Book Club

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