Jennifer L. Gibaldi

Raised by a single mom of four, Jennifer was extremely shy growing up and found it difficult to make friends. Giving credit to her grandmother and Shel Silverstein, she learned to read at an early age and immediately fell in love with the world of literature. She found comfort in her books, whether it was novels, short stories, or poetry. Jennifer faced numerous obstacles in her life and turned to writing to help cope with her emotions. She writes with heart and passion, drawing on her real-life experiences for inspiration. It became a dream of hers to become a published author.
As an adult, Jennifer finally made that dream a reality. She now has two published poetry collections, Perfectly Imperfect, and 24 Hours of Transformation, (EMS PUBLISHING, 2023), and is currently working on her third, as well as a debut novel.

Jennifer draws on her real-life experiences for inspiration, writing with pure heart and raw emotion. She looks forward to sharing her story with the world in hopes that she can comfort and inspire those who are in similar situations.

In addition to writing and performing at various open mics across the island, Jennifer is a wife, Mom, and full time Administrative Assistant. She has also started her own proofreading and editing company, KR Proofreading and Editing, to help other authors ensure their stories are the best version possible to share with the world.
You can follow her on Instagram @iamworthit82 and her Facebook author page I AM Worth It.

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