Danielle Turco

Danielle has been in the health and fitness industry over 20 years. Her college education as a dental hygienist provided her with a license in nutritional counseling. She has been building on that knowledge for years and currently has numerous health and fitness certifications including, but not limited to, yoga RYT 500, Pilates comprehensive, Health & Life Coach, Reiki Master and The Science of Well-being from Yale University. Most recently she has started to work with clients that are on semaglutides, teaching them how to eat while on the drug and then how to maintain after.

As a 24 year Lupus warrior she has spent over half her life looking for ways to heal her body from the inside out. Danielle lives a ketogenic lifestyle and believes removing inflammatory foods from her diet put her lupus in remission. She motivates and inspires on her Instagram, @danielleturco1 and most recently published her first book, “Keto for Autoimmune Health”. Danielle uses her own health journey to empower others to take control of their own health and happiness.

Website: mindbodyfitnessli.com
email: trainerturco@gmail.com

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